Join Us for Our 2022 Flipping and Wholesaling Bootcamp!

April 30, 2022 – May 1, 2022


This two-day Flipping and Wholesaling Bootcamp will teach you the step-by-step processes for flipping and wholesaling houses, right here in Delaware. This bootcamp will take place in the classroom and on-site at a live flip in-progress. You will get all presentation materials, useful spreadsheets and worksheets, and practical information from instructors who are local real estate investing experts.


To take you step-by-step through marketing and finding deals, analyzing, determining a repair scope-of-work, estimating, wholesaling, contracting, purchasing, renovating, and re-selling. Information provided will prepare students to begin moving forward with investment opportunities that align with their goals.

Real estate investing is not easy, and it is not for everyone, but it is a great way to make large profits working full-time or as a part-time side hustle.


 DAY 1: Saturday 8am-5pm (9hrs)

8am-830am – MIKE FERRIS

  • Welcome Message
  • Overview of Weekend Itinerary
  • What it takes to be successful

830am-1030am – MIKE FERRIS

  • Flipping Basics
  • Analyzing a Deal for Profitability
  • Conducting Due Diligence

1030am-1200pm – BILL DOLAN

  • Commonly Used Contracts and the Settlement Process

1145am-1245pm – TRAVEL/LUNCH

  • Lunch will not be provided

1245pm-5pm – EXAN CORREA

  • ON-SITE LEARNING: scope-of-work, cost estimating, managing a renovation, the renovation process, doing the right things and avoiding common mistakes. Plus, strategies for re-selling the property and maximizing profit.

 DAY 2: Sunday 9am-12pm (4hrs)

8am-930am – JASON WILLIAMS

  • Short Sales

930am-12pm – BOB WARBURTON

  • Wholesaling 101
  • Marketing to find good deals to wholesale or flip

2022 April/May Bootcamp Speaker Bios

Mike Ferris

Originally from New Jersey, Mike has been in Delaware since 1986 when he was stationed in Dover with the Air Force. After ten years of active duty, the next six years he performed in sales and relationship management for a corporate bank.  Mike’s entrepreneurial spirit has been growing since grade school when he started making money from door-to-door sales and a newspaper route. Since starting his real estate investing business in 1999, (full time 2003), he has completed hundreds of deals including buy and hold, lease purchase, flip, wholesale, options, creating notes, new construction, and apartment to condo conversion. Mike enjoys teaching real estate investing at Del Tech and speaking for other groups and organizations. He is fulfilling one of his biggest passions by providing an environment where real estate investors can learn, grow, and network.

Bob Warburton

Bob grew up in North Wilmington and graduated from Concord High School and the University of Delaware with a degree in Business Education. Bob has a real estate investing company that specializes in fix and flip properties, wholesale deals, probate deals, and has a rental portfolio of houses and multi-unit properties. Bob is a real estate coach and trainer with LocalProNetwork and was an instructor DelTech for their Investing in Real Estate class. He has also coached in national real estate investing programs. Bob has been a public speaker at many national short sale conventions all over the country. Bob’s mission is to provide a more positive solution and outcome for homeowners who have a property they need to sell fast and at a fair price. He provides win-win outcomes for all parties which leaves the seller in a better place when they first meet.

Exan Correa

Exan Manuel Correa was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico and was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attended Ohio Technical College, and received a Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Suffield University. He served as an Auto Service Manager for Chevrolet and Mercedes Benz for over 18 years. Exan applied his mechanical skills and attention to detail to his successful home contracting business and has completed over twenty rehabs. Mr. Correa completed the DelREIA Coaching Program and completed three successful rehabs while in the program. Exan lives in Middletown, Delaware in a home he built himself with his wife Anne, of 16 years with his two daughters Eva and Lilly. Exan is a coach for the On-Site R.E.I Group Coaching (NCC) program.

Jason Williams

Jason Williams grew up in Newark, Delaware with very humble beginnings. He graduated from Christiana High School and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Physical Education from the University of Delaware. He started his real estate investment journey in May of 1999 (full time since September 2004). He has done a wide array of deals which include lease options, subject to, rentals, property management, creative/owner financing, wholesales, options, land subdivision, house construction, and rehabs. However, he specializes in resolving homeowner foreclosures by means of short sales. After all these years, he still loves the thrill of structuring deals and passing his knowledge on to both seasoned and new investors. In his spare time, he’s either swimming, training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (which he currently holds the rank of Brown Belt) or spending time with his wife of over 20 years and his two sons.

Bill Dolan

Bill is an accomplished business lawyer and former executive.  Currently, he is the President of, and a practicing attorney with, Dolan Law LLC.  He is a member of the Corporate, Real Estate, Taxation, and Employment Law Sections of the Delaware State Bar Association, a member of the Business Law Section of the American Bar Association, and an adjunct professor at the Widener University – Delaware Law School. Prior to Bill’s current role, he practiced law with Richards, Layton & Finger, an internationally recognized corporate law firm, and formerly served on the Pennsylvania Bar Association Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee.  Prior to practicing law, Bill had an accomplished business career.  He was the President of a mortgage company, a majority owner in a regional title company, a real estate investor, and he has produced several independent films and been instrumental in the launch of numerous other businesses. Since 2003, Bill has appeared regularly on television and radio programs for his expert analysis on a variety of financial and legal topics. Bill is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.