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DelREIA is a premier hard money lender, providing asset based loans for flipping houses in the state of Delaware and the surrounding areas.
Take advantage of these private money loans to fund your next fix and flip project.

Providing value driven lending through DelREIA.

Hassle free because we all want that.
Fast because good deals don’t always wait.
Member rates because you are our mission.
Strength of the deal lending NOT credit score.
Transparent so you know exactly what to expect.


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Short Term Investor Loans

Interest Rate: 11.95%   Origination: 2.95 Points   Fees: None

→ Funding in 13 business days or less
→ 65% Loan to After-Repaired-Value

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Other Loans Options

Have a good deal but low on cash?
Request up to 75% Loan to After-Repaired Value for an increased rate and points.

Have a good deal but low on experience?
Fix and flip your deal with a Local Pro coach.

Need a 1-5 year commercial loan?
We do bridge loans, rental property loans, and cash-out refinances.

Loans from Local Pro Funding LLC are made available through Delaware Real Estate Investors Association, LLC.
For more information about Local Pro Funding LLC please contact us.