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“I recently attend the REI 101 class with Mike and Bob. The experience and knowledge of these two coaches would take a lifetime to achieve on your own. I wish that I had this class 13 years and thousands of dollars ago when I became interested in investing.” – Audrey Faucette

“I loved REI 101 and was so happy that I attended!  It was well worth the time and money.  Both Mike and Bob were very well prepared and it was hard to believe how much information was shared each day in just a 4 hour class.  Both stayed (at least) an hour after class ended to answer any and all questions.  Prior to the classes, I was unsure of what aspect of REI I was interested in, however as the weekend progressed I not only had a good idea of what area of real estate is the best fit for me, but with all of the various methods of marketing that were discussed, I was even able to start formulating ideas on how to get properties.” – Valerie A.

“The Home Depot workshop was awesome! I am now positioned to take advantage of the HD Pro Extra account discounts for my home & properties. Also, it was a very valuable exercise to evaluate/price a renovation project and go through the Q&A sessions. Thanks!!! DELREIA is GQ!” – Rosie Tooley