Licensing Agreement

The documents and products for which you are paying a licensing fee are exclusively for the use of the organization or individual that is paying the licensing fee. You are prohibited by law and by this agreement from sharing these documents with any other individual or organization, including any other organization owned or controlled by you personally or by the organization purchasing the product.

The business entity you list in this form is the only entity (personal or business) with rights to use these documents. If you have a need to use the documents under another name, you will be required to purchase another license.  If you will be using the documents and products in your personal name, please enter your full personal name in Business Name field.

By entering your personal information below and submitting your response to this Licensing Agreement, you are agreeing to not violate the prohibitions contained in this Licensing Agreement and understand that a breach of this Licensing Agreement will result in enforcement actions and liability for costs of enforcement including reasonable attorney’s fees.

Licensing Agreement Acceptance

If you confirm that you have read and agree to uphold the terms of the Licensing Agreement, please submit your acceptance.

*IMPORTANT* Once submitted, you will be sent to PayPal for payment processing.  Upon completion of the the payment, you will have access to the Landlord Document files. The link will be provided in a confirmation email. The link will only work once the package has been purchased. You can also access the files at any time by returning to the ‘Resources’ page and clicking on the Michael Morton Landlord Documents icon. There will be a link at the bottom of the page available only to those who have purchased the package.