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You might be asking yourself the question, “How can I make sure I’m investing my time and money in the right place?” Read the reviews of others who have gone before you and benefitted greatly from their DelREIA membership.

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“When I found DELREIA, I was a relatively new investor. I have learned more investment strategies and made more connections in the last few months, than I did in past years on my own.” – Matt Fish (Wilmington, DE)

“I wish I would have ‘googled’ REIA’s in the area before spending thousands of dollars on [another] program. Since joining we have rehabbed/flipped, wholesaled, bought 2 rentals and have 5 bids submitted. We love DELREIA!” – Catherine Sells (Smyrna, DE)

“Joining DELREIA’s coaching group was a great decision. I have gained a significant knowledge in REI in a very short time. Mike and his team want you to succeed. The monthly meetings are diverse, informative and invaluable.” – Faustino Aguilar (Newark, DE)

“I had been professionally involved in real estate for 15 years and always wanted to become an investor. While in the program I was able to procure my first property, fix it up, and sell it for a tidy profit. The coaching program gave me the tools I needed to get started.” – David Harrell (Wilmington, DE)

“I tell many people that I wish I had met Mike before I started investing myself, it would have saved me many headaches and I’m sure tons of money.” – Dan Zitofsky (Middletown, DE)

“Just wanted to thank you for creating an environment of learning. It was exactly what I was looking for and needed”.  – Vince Garman (Sussex County, DE)

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