“When I found DELREIA, I was a relatively new investor. I have learned more investment strategies and made more connections in the last few months, than I did in past years on my own.” – Matt Fish (Wilmington, DE)

“I wish I would have ‘googled’ REIA’s in the area before spending thousands of dollars on [another] program. Since joining we have rehabbed/flipped, wholesaled, bought 2 rentals and have 5 bids submitted. We love DELREIA!” – Catherine Sells (Smyrna, DE)

“Joining DELREIA’s coaching group was a great decision. I have gained a significant knowledge in REI in a very short time. Mike and his team want you to succeed. The monthly meetings are diverse, informative and invaluable.” – Faustino Aguilar (Newark, DE)

“I had been professionally involved in real estate for 15 years and always wanted to become an investor. While in the program I was able to procure my first property, fix it up, and sell it for a tidy profit. The coaching program gave me the tools I needed to get started.” – David Harrell (Wilmington, DE)

“I tell many people that I wish I had met Mike before I started investing myself, it would have saved me many headaches and I’m sure tons of money.” – Dan Zitofsky (Middletown, DE)

“I joined DELREIA a few months back. In just a short period of time I learned a lot! And met MANY new contacts! Mike and all of the other coaches are always there to answer any questions!” – David Zaleewski (Magnolia, DE)

“Mike Ferris is a great teacher who empowered me to go and pursue my dreams as a real estate investor at age 22. Thank you Mike for all my future success.” – Winston Cabellero

“As a contractor/builder I have learned so much with DELREIA in real estate investing. I joined the coaching program and it was so helpful. The knowledge that I walked away with looking for property’s private money lending. I’m glad to say it was the highlight of my year. Thanks DELREIA!” – Albert Miller

 “I recommend the Private Coaching sessions to anyone who wants professional help to critique a property or analyze a deal before entering into a contract. The insight I gained from Mike helped me to develop a more analytical approach to my business and saved me a lot of money.” – Rosie Tooley




“I loved REI 101 and was so happy that I attended!  It was well worth the time and money.  Both Mike and Bob were very well prepared and it was hard to believe how much information was shared each day in just a 4 hour class.  Both stayed (at least) an hour after class ended to answer any and all questions.  Prior to the classes, I was unsure of what aspect of REI I was interested in, however as the weekend progressed I not only had a good idea of what area of real estate is the best fit for me, but with all of the various methods of marketing that were discussed, I was even able to start formulating ideas on how to get properties. ” – Valerie A.

“Having been a DELREIA member long enough to develop an expectation for REI 101, I must say that the unexpected was far more rewarding. Both sessions were equally laced with profundities and “I did not expect that!” moments.  From Mike’s itemization of the essential soul searching required before entering the arena (or stepping away!), to Bob’s measured and meticulous presentation of the processes one must follow once the REI mindset is established, the entire program is a “must see” for anyone considering this line of work.  Work?  Both presenters made it abundantly clear that success will only follow lots of work.  Both presenters took questions and interruptions with ease, and used the opportunities to add to the content.  The contrast between Mike’s global overview in his free flowing style and Bob’s practical and matter-of-fact style was as entertaining as it was enlightening.  And the best part?  They didn’t fly back to NYC or St. Louis leaving you with a set of DVDs and a couple 300 page manuals; they’ll be right here, live and in person at the next DELREIA gathering, open to questions and willing to consult. ” – Roy Locker

“I recently attended the REI 101 class with Mike and Bob. The experience & knowledge of these two coaches would take a lifetime to achieve on your own. I wish that I had this class 13 years & thousands of dollars ago when I became interested in investing!” – Audrey Faucette (Dover, DE)

“I recently attended REI 101 and in short, it was amazing. Mike and Bob are very passionate about what they do. They are willing to answer any and all questions patiently without any reservation, which is very refreshing. I encourage all investors to get involved with DELREIA.” – Krystal Richardson

“On November 11, I attended the Rental Coaching session. Brent gave a lot of good information and lead us in a property inspection of one of his properties. Very informative. I’m glad I came before I purchased property here in DE.” – Rosie Tooley

“The Home Depot workshop was awesome! I am now positioned to take advantage of the HD Pro Extra account discounts for my home & properties. Also, it was a very valuable exercise to evaluate/price a renovation project and go through the Q&A sessions. Thanks!!! DELREIA is GQ!” – Rosie Tooley

“Mike, just wanted to reach out and thank you for the class yesterday. So much useful info crammed in a day, I could have sat there for 8 more hours. This comes from someone who is bored easily and has a short attention span. Again thanks a lot.” – Garnett Desgoutte (Wilmington, DE)